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Project 4 Africa's latest phase of this project is the care and

maintenance of existing projects; such as midwide training, tiling the

delivery room, providing gas powered sterilizer, updating and

refurbishing staff accommodation, etc etc ...


Project 4 Africa have also raised £35k to  build a Maternity Unit in rural Malawi, Africa. The project lasted about 18 months and was opened in Nov 2013. It has been a huge success with an average of 67 deliveries a month which peaked to 84 babies in Nov 2016.

The chosen location for the maternity unit was a village called M’bang’ombe, about a two and half hour drive over rough terrain from the capital of Lilongwe. But there are very few vehicles in the rural villiages which previously meant a 5 hour walk for pregnant women to a delivery clinic. Alternatively the women gave birth in their village with the help of relatives. This project will make an amazing impact on the lives of the children and parents in this area...and will save lives! (This project followed the building of two classroom blocks, providing 4 classrooms, a teachers house and a feeding station at Namanyanga.) P4A have also refurbished some staff accommodation at the maternity unit.


The previous maternity unit was closed because it was falling apart and could no longer attract qualified medical staff. Death rates were high... at the begining of May 2011, in one week alone, 3 babies died in Dzoole village after being born with a TBA (Traditional Birth Attendant). TBA's are illegal in Malawi but with no maternity unit to go to women turned to anyone with some knowledge of delivering babies.


The team from the UK will both be guided by and work alongside the local people to construct the building.  The link to the local community will be vital if we are to complete these projects successfully. The project team have also established that these projects must be carried out in association an organisation that are experts in this field, with their people in country, for these projects to be successful. To this end we have partnered with African Vision Malawi (formerly the Landirani Trust) who are a local UK charity based in Surbiton helping children and orphans in Malawi.


In order to achieve the objective, P4A raised £35,000  through sponsorship, fund raising and voluntary contributions. This was a tall ask but one we were confident could be achieved.

It has been shown that having experienced people on the ground is essential to the success of our projects... going it alone is a non-starter.  

Making a difference to children’s lives...

Women waiting to see a visiting midwife.