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Project 4 Africa have successfully worked in partnership with The
Landirani Trust (now African Vision Malawi) to raise almost
£40,000; which built two school blocks, providing 4 classrooms for
The Namanyanga School in Malawi (opened in Oct 09); and a pre-school, a feeding station (supported by Feed the Children) and a teacher's house (opened in Oct 2010).

Project 4 Africa moved to its next stage to raise £35,000 to build a maternity unit in M’bang’ombe. The existing maternity unit closed because it was falling apart and could no longer attract qualified medical staff. So pregnant women had to walk 5 hours to the nearest hospital to give birth...or at home with the help of family and friends with all the inherent dangers. The new unit opened in Nov 2013 and now delivers an average of 67 babies a month!
This has made an amazing impact on the lives of the people and children in this area. But more is needed, please read on...

The Landirani Trust (now African Vision Malawi) have secured the temporary services of a mid wife who will visit site once a week. When news got out that there was going to be a midwife visit on a Wednesday in 2011, women flocked to the unit! She saw 43 women; 7 needing urgent attention – 2 because they were having big babies, one with STIs, one grandmother who was 49 and had a large number of children, another because she was having a breach baby and is also a grandmother, one with an existing scar which would cause complications, and one who had had four babies and only one had survived.

Project 4 Africa is now moving onto its third stage of improvement projects, care and maintenance projects and specific sponsorship, such as midwife training, relating to our successful school and maternity unit projects. We are looking to raise £5000 for selected projects ... such as tiling the delivery room, providing a gas powered sterilizer, etc ...
Project 4 Africa have also refurbished some of the staff accommodation at M’bang’ombe in readiness to attract staff to the site. Arrangements have also being made to install solar panels to the staff accommodation.

The maternity unit opened on 12th Nov 2013...and delivered its first baby on the opening day! During Oct 2016, 84 babies were born at the unit ... proof indeed that the unit is required. See News/Pictures for more photos.
Solar Aid have also agreed to supply solar panels to power the maternity unity...all great news!
Many thanks to Reed Elsevier for their generous donation of over £5,100.
African Vision Malawi secured almost £5,000 to equip the maternity unit.

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