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Donate Now

Please use the 'Pay Pal' link on the left of this page to donate to Project 4 Africa.

The Pay Pal link will take you to the African Vision Malawi Pay Pal page set up for Project 4 Africa ...


please leave a short message for the person or event that you are sponsoring, including the words 'Project 4 Africa' or 'P4A', at the 'add special instructions to the seller' (ie. Project 4 Africa fun run - sponsoring 'A N Other') on the second Pay Pal page...thanks and please be generous!


As you can imagine it will be no easy task to continue to raise funds for the project.  So please give some thought about how you could help with the fund raising – your money will of course be welcomed with open arms, but you may also want to think about...


-          Your work place

-          Your family and friends

-          Your children’s school

-          Running sponsorship schemes

-          Fundraising events, etc.


Making a difference to a child’s life is not only quite a strap line, it will also be a reality.  Please make sure you are part of it.


If you want to discuss any of the above schemes in more detail please do not hesitate to contact one of the project team (see Organisers page) or use the 

Contact Us page.


Making a difference to children’s lives...