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Want to make a difference to a child’s life or even save a child's life?


Project 4 Africa has now moved into its next stage; following its successful construction projects, care and maintenance activities and specific sponsorship, such as midwife training. These relate to our successful school and maternity unit projects.


The new maternity unit in Malawi at M'bang’ombe opened on 12th Nov 2013 and with hours delivered its first baby! The unit is now safely delivering 67 babies per month on average.


The old maternity unit (which was still in use in Sept 2010) actually resembled more of a torture chamber than a unit where women can give birth was falling apart, dirty and poorly resourced. (See pictures at News/Pictures)


Thanks to the generosity of people, Project 4 Africa have now built two classroom blocks (providing 4 classrooms in 2009), a teachers house, a feeding station, a maternity unit and refurbished some staff accommodation. The project has saved lives. Thanks again.


We continue to  work in partnership with African Vision Malawi (formerly the Landirani Trust) who will provide essential expertise ‘on the ground’.


If you really want to make that difference, then please read on …


Project 4 Africa

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Fund raising progress for the school and maternity unit upkeep...


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Making a difference to children’s lives...

For our school project, the Chief of Chiefs in the area, said on the news that the school will be built :

.... "what is more the kind spirit behind what is happening. The heart and spirit of giving and providing by our brothers and sisters in the UK is paramount to us as Chiefs and the community and we respect and highly value this kind gesture."

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